Washington – Flanked by several of the Hollywood elite a spokesman for the Castro government lodged a formal complaint today about the recent humiliations the Cuban government has suffered at the hands of the United States.

Juan Perdedor spokesman for the Cuban government claims that humiliations began when the Taliban detainees were brought to Guantanamo.

“Can you believe what the U.S. has done,” said Senor Perdedor. “Giving what they consider to be common criminals showers on a daily basis and three meals a day. Even our most outstanding citizens only get to bath every other day. And most of us only bath once a week. Its not a prison, it’s the Cuban Hilton!”

Perdedor went on to say that the amount of space given each prisoner was more than the Cuban government allotted to a family of four. Cuba claims that the U.S. prison is a thinly veiled propaganda attempt to convince Cuban citizens that things are really better in the U.S.

“Our citizens will not fall for this trick,” Senor Perdedor exclaimed. “Our citizens know that Marxism is the only government that can truly bring peace and prosperity to the world.”

Perdedor also complained about not being included in President Bush’s Axis of Evil.

“Mr. Bush must think that we have become irrelevant,” Perdedor went on to say. “We are still as strong as ever. If the United States continues with these humiliations we will make the Mariel boat lift look like just a normal day on the Mexican border. We will sink the American economy with our rejects!”

Perdedor claims that the final humiliation came when the United States failed to include Cuba as one of the nations on its nuclear target list.

Perdedor closed his remarks by saying that “Cuba is still relevant.”

Cuban Government Lodges Protest

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  1. Let’s see a show of hands of those who give a fat rat’s ass about CUBA. You and your cigars stink up the world

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