If you want to know America’s New Direction, ask a good waitress about pooling tips. A good waitress will tell you they hate it. The restaurant takes the money that the good waitress has hustled and worked hard for, and gives it to the slacker waitress who comes in late to work and gets high out by the dumpster on her break.
The restaurant decides to pool tips when the slacker waitresses start complaining that “it’s not fair”, When they see the good waitress working fast and efficiently and making more money than them. The restaurant woner doesn’t want to keep re-hiring & fears bogus lawsuits by the slackers, so he caves to placard the slacker.
Then the good waitresses get discouraged beacause it makes no difference or sense to work harder any more and they quit.
Service goes down.
Restaurant closes because customers sense shobby service and slacker workers treat them like they’re doing them favor by serving them.
That, is redistribution of wealth.
That is Socialism taken down to an everyday level.”
–Drew Hastings

28 thoughts on “If You Want to Know America’s New Direction, Ask a Good Waitress About Pooling Tips

  1. @BernieSanders @SenSanders @HillaryClinton @georgesoros Y’ll can learn a lesson here, don’t even need to read between lines

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