“No one is suffering under the doctrine of Islam more than Muslims are—particularly Muslim women. Those who object to any attack upon the religion of Islam as “racist” or as a symptom of “Islamophobia” display a nauseating insensitivity to the subjugation of women throughout the Muslim world. At this moment, millions of women and girls have been abandoned to illiteracy, forced marriage, and lives of slavery and abuse under the guise of “multiculturalism” and “religious sensitivity.” This is a crime to which every apologist for Islam is now an accomplice.” – Sam Harris

16 thoughts on “Millions of Women and Girls Have Been Abandoned to Illiteracy, Forced Marriage, and Lives of Slavery and Abuse Under the Guise of “Multiculturalism” and “Religious Sensitivity”

  1. Women are worth half a man in their warped ideology! Thus, no need to expend money on their education, or to protect them.

  2. And the political elite r in bed w/these same countries while saying they support women’s causes. #NeverHillary #No3rdTerm

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