A man is still considered pure when he releases his lust with a sheep or a goat. If there is no woman, then there is no true lust or sexual sin! Then, the animal becomes tainted, and must die! So says the Prophet Mohammad! – Dr. Zakir Naik

139 thoughts on “A Man is Still Considered Pure When He Releases His Lust With a Sheep or a Goat

  1. don’t let wee willy know that, he didn’t consider oral favors from Monica as being sex, this would keep him out of trouble.

  2. Americans……lock up your daughters, sons and sheep and goats…….the Muslims are coming.

  3. and they don”t count it impure when they make little boys dress like girls and sodomize them either. #PenisCult

  4. in other words 98% of adherents can chant ” and all I gotta do is act naturally” (Kudos to Ringo Starr)

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