Women are Not Capable of Defending Themselves…


Women are Not Capable of Defending Themselves with Death Machines We Call Guns!

One thought on “Women are Not Capable of Defending Themselves…

  1. Not a single person questioned whether she said this or not.. guess what.. she never said it. I have searched and searched and cannot find a single place where this line is quoted, that gives a source. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE !! Yet you put it in a Meme, to have others spread it around as though it is the Gospel truth and every person commenting on it suddenly things Sen Feinstein is an idiot. And btw it is well=known that she carries a gun herself. We have become a nation of idiots that believes every Meme is telling the truth and then promptly share it to all their idiot friends — none of whom has the sense to question any of it. America is going to the dogs because of all the fear mongering liars that want you to believe your rights and liberty are being taken away from you. Utter stupid nonsense! Go read a book, get educated.

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